This is an introductory course in Computer-Assisted Drafting (CAD).

Students will learn the basic commands and parameters of CAD, as well

as how to draw floor plans, elevations and other interior design drawings in a digital environment. Prerequisite: ARTD 102 or approval.


course objectives


  1. Demonstrate beginning skills in the CAD environment.

Create drawings that conform to minimum drafting standards

Visual representation is fundamental to design. Designers develop and communicate their ideas by means of visual representation. When designers sketch, draw and model they concretize conceptual ideas into visual form. This course provides an introduction to visualization not only as a graphic problem solving method but also as a communication tool. Students will become familiar with terminology and practices associated with graphic documentation and communication, both mechanically and digitally generated in two and three-dimensional formats.

 This course will focus on the way in which buildings are constructed. We will cover many construction aspects that may not relate directly with the interior design, but might impact it. Think carefully about all the aspects involved in an architectural design process will be an objective of this course. This class will help the students to understand architectural and engineering plans and details. They will also spend some time drawing typical architectural sections.

This course will focus on the 2D fundamentals of Autocad. It will introduce the aspects of Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD). At the end of this course students will be able to draw plans in two dimensions as well how to print them. This course intends to help students’ good basis for exploring and grow in the uses of CAD programs. 

Graphic Design and Communication is a basic introduction to the skills of design and layout as well as the fundamentals needed of a graphic artist. The course will provide selected experiences involving design, layout formats, rendering techniques, and print-ready layouts.

This course is an introduction to space planning and furnishing for various residential interior design solutions. It focuses primarily on the design of single- family dwelling of various kinds and the individual spaces within. Kitchen and bath design will be covered in detail. Additional topics include codes, ADA standards, electrical layouts, plumbing, HVAC, as well as a variety of issues that affect the design of a residential interior. 

Upon completion, students should be able to complete residential scaled floor plans, interior elevations, specifications; as well as to develop color schemes; fabrics, finishes and furniture selection in order to create competent interior design solutions.  

This course introduces basics of Macintosh computer operations and fundamental techniques of vector-based and raster-based graphics. Additionally it introduces Web-design, 3D modeling and animation. Pre-requisites: none.