This course explores ethical issues that impact the current social and professional environment including business, medical, political, communication, workplace, etc., issues.  The format of learning is reading ethical dilemma cases, researching and understanding a variety of ethical theories, analyzing relevant facts and implications, and debating pro and con arguments.  This is a highly interactive and discussion based course.  Writing short analytical essays is also required.

This course examines the usefulness of cultural competence and cultural knowledge for community outreach, teaching, and research that address mental health, suicide and suicidal self-harm prevention, and physical health. We ask and continuously discuss various sides of the question: can there be cultural neutrality and objectivity, or should we always design and express outlets and resources to reach specific audiences. Historical and contemporary complexities will be discussed. We will capture news stories, research, Triad community programs/events; Triad mental health, suicide prevention, and substance abuse organizations; harm prevention hotlines, harm prevention trainings, and de-escalation skills trainings such as law enforcement Crisis Intervention Training (CIT)

All readings are on the Jan Term (not Sociology) course Moodle: Dennis Jan2018 Culture and Mental Health

“TBI: An Overview for Educators” will allow students to use their own original research to design a class that college education departments can use as a model for presenting the under-served yet special needs of students with TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury). Varied speakers will present information as regards TBI, including survivors of traumatic brain injuries, physicians, psychologists, caretakers, and teachers. The end result of this course will be to present an educational plan for the special disability category of TBI, to Salem’s education department. This unique class will allow students to discuss and brainstorm creatively to help the growing population of students with TBI throughout America and the world.