See Salem catalog for course explanation

Please see the Salem College Catalog for the course description. Prerequisites: Psyc 010 and Psyc 101

Please see the Salem College course catalog for the description

This is the foundation course for Psychology. Please see your Salem Catalog for a detailed course description. There are no prerequisites for this course.

Course Objectives

  • Explore what exists in the diversity of human sexual experience
  • Compare sexuality and gender concepts in your own culture to those of other cultures¬†
  • Improve skills for conversing and writing about sexuality and gender
  • Discuss theoretical perspectives about sexuality and gender
  • Understand the uses and limits of methods of sexual research
  • Understand human female and male sexual anatomy and physiology
  • Explore developmental mechanisms by which fetuses differentiate into females, males, and intersex individuals
  • Assess methods of contraception and of avoiding sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
  • Improve awareness of and knowledge about STIs
  • Explore the processes of human reproduction and the development of sexuality and gender identity throughout the human life span
  • Improve understanding of factors that shape and are shaped by gender identity and sexual orientation
  • Discuss sexual techniques, communication, and sexual dysfunctions encountered between sexual partners
  • Explore methods for reducing the probability of sexual coercion, including rape
  • Discuss commercial aspects of sex, including prostitution and pornography
  • Discuss religious and legal perspectives on sexuality and related gender roles